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100% Organic Fertilizers & Pesticites

Organic Fertilizers

Derived from plants and organic matter our products provide plants with the essential nutrients for growth.

Organic Pesticites

Created using bacteria and fungus our pesticides offer plant protection against insects, mites and fungus attacks.

Consumer Products

Bacteria that are efficient is cleaning the sludge and solid wastes organically from your septic tanks and toilet lines.

Zaena Bio Products

Home Garden

Home, kitchen or terrace gardens with flowers, vegetable and fruits serves the requirements of the household needs. Gardening as a hobby is one of the least expensive ones to start off with of all the outdoor adventures. Gardening is good for both the mind and body, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Plus, you get to eat the delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs that you grow. So, grab your tools and get in the dirt!


The art and science of cultivating the soil and growing crops! With diminished resources of cultivable land, water, erratic weather pattern, pesticide resistant pests and middlemen bullying it is a very tough life as a farmer. Our pesticides are developed to work efficiently in attacking and killing the pests organically.


Zaena Septo Boosterz is consortium of Anaerobic bacteria (Bacteria that can live in oxygen-less space) that help in digesting the fecal matter in your septic tanks. Just mix with water and pour through your toilets. Product is useful for anyone using a septic tank system like Apartments Independent Bungalows, Farmhouses, Societies, Factories, Schools, Office complexes, Hotels and Resorts.

About Us

Zaena Bio is an environmentally friendly agriculture product development company serving organic fertilizers, soil enhancement and plant management products to their customers. Zaena bio passionately focuses to provide the high quality, safest and easiest-to-handle organic fertilizers developed exclusively to help you grow your plants. Our products are designed to function in diverse geographic and environmental conditions. Agronomic programs that use our products will improve the soil and provide the nutrients that will enhance the health of your crops and increase your overall yield.

We are a brand with a team of dedicated and committed scientists, botanists, microbiologists and agriculturists that work passionately to exceed the expectations of the Indian gardener and farmer.

Our products are approved by INDOCERT based on the National Standards for Organic Production. This certification assures rigorous compliance to the Indian national standards prescribed.

Organic Fertilizers

100% Organic Certified Fertilizers

humic acid

Humic Acid

Humic Acid is used for improving the water holding capacity of the soil. Helps in Improved Microbial Growth, Better Overall Soil Structure, Decreased Toxins, and Increased Nutrient Uptake.

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NPK Bacteria

It contains Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria, Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria and Potassium Solubilizing Bacteria that are essential during all the life stages of the plant growth.

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Stress Relief

Plant can go through stress due to lack of water or due to excess water. Zaena’s Stress Relief helps plants to stay fresh in spite of lack of water. It also protects the plant roots during water logging.

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Nitrogen Rich

It is a high Nitrogen fertilizer that promotes growth in all plants. It can be used as both a liquid fertilizer and as a foliar plant fertilizer for gardens and crops.

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Phospho Rich

It is a balanced All-Purpose Fertilizer that builds a healthy plant, top to bottom. Almost every type of plant thrives on the this. Helps in finishing the look and taste of fruits and vegetables.


Potash Rich

It is high in organic Potash with high organic Phosphorus blended with the right amount of organic nitrogen. This helps in increasing the yield by supporting flowering and fruiting.

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Organic Pesticites

100% Organic Certified Pesticites

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Bio Fungi

This Organic fungicide is a combination of four different bacteria, that is used to kill or inhibit fungi or fungal spores. This is effective in controlling a wide range of fungal diseases such as blights, blasts, leaf rusts, smuts, alternaria leaf spot, anthracnose, powdery mildew and downy mildew.

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Defoliator Controller

Defoliators feed on the leaves of Plants and trees. This include variety of worms and insects like shoot/stem borer, fruit borer, cut worms, Horn worms and caterpillars. Defoliation may cause loss of most or all of the foliage(leaves), and thus stunt the growth.

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Mites Controller

Spores of this fungus when comes in contact with the skin of the pest insect, they germinate and grow directly through the skin to the inner body of their host. This miticide controls four common types of mites namely Spider Mites, Broad Mites, Russet Mites and gall mites.

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Soil Insect Controller

It is most effective against larval control of several fly species (sciaridae, phoridae, leaf miners, domestic fly and also of some moth larvae. They patrol the top 3" of the soil. Target pests include: Fungus Gnat, Mushroom Flies, Fruit Flies, Flea Beetles, Saw Flies, Tachina Flies, Crane Flies, Shore Flies and fruit flies.

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Sucking Pest Controller

Commonly seen White Flies (Mealybugs) are sucking pests that suck on the juices of the plants and are responsible for virus transmission in plants. Most of the other organic sucking pest control methods in use just drives away these insects (that will return again), whereas our product kills them. This is also effective against thrips.

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Nematode Controller

Plant-parasitic nematodes are invisible to human eyes but cause severe damage to Crops. If your plant is unhealthy irrespective of good water and nutrients, It might be attacked my Nematodes. This Nematicide kills the nematodes and saves your plant roots from root knot, cyst, root lesion, spiral and burrowing.


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