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How Bio-fertilizers Protecting Soil

Bio-fertilizers provide the crop with nitrogen gas in the air, which stabilizes the nutrients in the soil and converts the insoluble humus in the soil into soluble humus.

Importance of bio-fertilizers:
There is a situation where soil fertility is affected due to the continuous increase in the use of chemical fertilizers. To avoid this, farmers can increase non-toxic food production only if they continue to use bio fertilizers or organic fertilizers to re-fertilize the soil.
The use of bio-fertilizers, which are environmentally friendly organic inputs at low cost, increases the number of microorganisms in the soil, protects soil fertility and yields higher yields. Thus reducing the use of chemical fertilizers.

Two types:
There are two types of bio-fertilizers: stabilizing nutrients and dissolving humus. Azospirillum, Rhizobium- Fertilizer stabilizing bio-fertilizers. Phospho bacteria - compost that dissolves humus.
These are available in solid and liquid form. Distributed in 200 g packets in solid form and in 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, and 1000 ml, volumes in liquid form.

Method of use:
Seed treatment requires 3 packets or 125 ml needed. Only 3 pockets per hectare is enough to put in the nursery. 5 pockets or 250ml are needed to soak the seedling root. Requires 10 packets or 500 ml, to be used directly in the planting field.

Uses of bio-fertilizers:

  • Bio-fertilizers Crop thrives on the secretion of growth stimulants and hormones such as IAA, kinetin, gibberellins and vitamins.
  • Contribute to more balanced crop growth.
  • Increases biological activity in the soil.
  • Preserves natural resources.
  • Increases the number of crop roots and rootstocks gives them drought tolerant growth.
  • Provides immunity to crops against soil borne diseases.
  • Increases seed germination and flowering.
  • Chemical nitrogen and humus fertilizers reduce the cost of cultivation by 25 percent.


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