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Fusarium Wilt: Identification or Symptoms, How do I get rid it?

Fusarium wilt, widespread plant disease caused by many forms of the soil-inhabiting fungus Fusarium oxysporum. Several hundred plant species are susceptible, including economically important food crops such as sweet potatoes, tomatoes, legumes, melons, and bananas in which the infection is known as Panama disease.

Fusarium Wilt Identification or Symptoms
Unlike other wilt diseases, fusarium wilt often shows up only on one side of a plant, branch or leaf. Bottom leaves show symptoms first. As the disease progresses upward, the plant wilts, turns brown and drops its leaves. If cut, affected stems near the base show clogged vascular pathways and dark brown streaks. In the early stages, roots look healthy, but they eventually rot, too.

How do I get rid of fusarium wilt Fusarium wilt infects a plant, there is no powerful treatment. Eliminate and dispose of affected plants immediately; don't compost this garden refuse. Whenever possible, remove and replace fusarium-infected garden soil. For tomato growers, one of the best defenses against this long-lived disease is using varieties with known fusarium resistance. Look for plant tags that include F, FF or FFF — these letters indicate resistant to the three main fusarium "races." Unfortunately, fusarium-resistant varieties aren't available for many plant types. If fusarium wilt hits your garden, don't plant the same or related plant types in that area for at least four years. Depending on your climate, it may be possible to control fusarium wilt by "solarizing" your soil. This involves covering it with plastic so it reaches very high temperatures over a long period. Your local extension agent can help with information on whether soil solarization is practical and effective for fusarium wilt in your area.


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